Aluminum Christmas Tree

Aluminum Christmas TreeMost of the younger generation is not used to seeing the aluminum Christmas tree nowadays. It remains as history in most grown up hearts. Most of them must have seen it in the old albums of family Christmas celebration. It was used mostly between the 50s and 70s as a secondary decoration to the real Christmas tree. They were very futuristic and beautiful. They were also available in various sizes, while the smaller size was the most famous among the aluminum Christmas tree.

The aluminum Christmas trees were available in few colors. The most common color of the aluminum tree was silver, natural color of the aluminum. The main advantage of the silver color was when multiple colored lights are flashed on it. It appears with more shine twinkling and sparkling in various colors especially when different colors were flashed on them. Indeed, this was one of the reason families had a secondary Christmas tree to the real tree.

Most of the aluminum Christmas tree were available with motors fixed allowing it to rotate. It is a splendid experience to witness the rotating aluminum Christmas tree with multiple lights on it. Silver colored Christmas trees were the most commonly used while the pink colored aluminum tree was the most popular. The pink colored trees were sold more than silver color in the entire country.

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As mentioned above, the thirty years it had popularity and was famous everywhere and slowly began to fade out in the market and fore few years in the 80s, it was available for fewer prices. However, it has gained popularity in the last couple of years. Today, the vintage models are expensive especially their specially designed wheels even though they are old. These unique Christmas trees are becoming popular very fast as they today’s generation likes it. This might become the trendsetter among Christmas trees maybe in the real future.