Christmas Party Games for kids

kids Christmas Party GamesChristmas parties should include special games for kids. There are various games for children to play during the Christmas party. These games will keep them happy and busy while adults will also have a good time watching the children play. Indeed, the holiday season of December kids tend to be very happy due to holiday mood. Therefore, having interesting games in the party for them will keep them happy. Let us see few of the kids games played in Christmas parties.

Passing Parcel: This is the most common and traditional games that are for kids in Christmas party. Kids enjoy playing the game especially due to the treats and gifts they get. The game is interesting as there are goodies wrapped in boxes, which are again wrapped in boxes and so on. Finally, the wrapped boxes are wrapped in paper. The kids are made to sit in circle on the floor and the box is given to one kid. Then start playing music while the kids pass the box. When the music stops the child, holding the box will unwrap one layer of paper. The process is repeated until the final layer of wrapper is removed and everyone gets his or her goodies.
Christmas Party Games for kids Christmas Party Games for kids Christmas Party Games for kids Christmas Party Games for kids Christmas Party Games for kids Christmas Party Games for kids

Snowball Race: This is mostly an outdoor game or can be played in bigger room. The total number of kids has to be divided into two teams. Make them stand in two lines before the starting line. When the bell rings, the first two players of each team put on mitten and take a spoon to balance the snowball. Then races to the drop the snowball into a bucket, if the player successfully drops the snowball into the bucket, the child returns and gives the mitten and spoon to the next player in the team. In case the first child drops the snowball in between, he has to return to the starting point and start all over. The first team in which all the players successfully drop the snowball in the bucket wins