Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party GamesChristmas celebrations are incomplete without party games. Having party games in the celebration program will create more happiness and enjoyment for all the guests and family members. Usually party games are divided into two types such as games for children and games for adults. However, there are thousands of party games to be played in Christmas party celebrations. However, ensure there is enough place for the kids around and with planning, the kids can have very good time. The most commonly played games for parties are relay races such as the candy cane relay.

It is an interesting game that kids will love playing and adults can enjoy watching it. At times, adults do play kids games as well. That would be funny and interesting in most cases to watch and witness more than playing. The candy cane is a simple game where each team is given four candy canes. The child at the beginning of the race will have four candy canes between the fingers and will have to run to their teammate and pass the candy canes using fingers alone. The team that reaches first without dropping any of the candy is the winner. However, the important factor to consider for this race is to have extra candy canes in case they break.
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There are games that kids love to play such as the pass the ornament or Santa hat and many more. One of the most important games that kids like is the freeze dance. This is an interesting game where children are made to dance with the music on, all of sudden music is turned off, and the kids have to remain, “freezed”. Every round will have rejections and the final kid who remains is adjudged the winner of the freeze dance. It is fun at times when elders are made to play the same game. These games are an important part of a celebration as it keeps everyone happy and relaxed during such an important day.