Christmas Pinecones

Christmas PineconesFor centuries people have designed some attractive Christmas decorations some of which are quite simple to make and make use of some things that are found naturally in the environment. Some of these Christmas ornaments that are made from things found in the environment include ornaments such as Pinecone Flowers. Here the cones are treated and the stalks are cut. The cones can then be sprayed with a very light application of a lacquer or acrylic spray paint. The spray makes the cone shine and look more attractive and you can also add some glitters to make it more convincing to the eye.

Pinecones can also be used to make Christmas trees that are decorated with pine cones.The pinecones are made to stand on their widest ends (the base) and their sides are glued together in the form of a circle such that their petals interlock and make the whole structure firm. The pattern of pine cones interlocked in a circle is repeated in the same manor until it reaches the top of the tree where there will be just one pine cone. The pine cone tree can then be decorated with lights, garlands and glitters.
Christmas Pinecones Christmas Pinecones Christmas Pinecones Christmas Pinecones Christmas Pinecones Christmas Pinecones
Pine cones can also be used to design some angel ornaments. The best type of pine cones that can be used to make these angels are the long and narrow variety. When making the angels the pinecones are turned upside down and are glued to a little wooden ball at their flat side which is used as the head. Two green leaves especially the ones from a rose bush are used as the wings or if you have something else you can use say a cloth that you can cutout to form the shape of wings. You can then put a string at the back of this angel which will be used to hang the angel on a Christmas tree. So why not make these Christmas ornaments and add sparkle to your Christmas deco.