Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas tree standsA Christmas tree stand is an item purely designed to hold up a natural or artificial Christmas tree. The stands designed for natural trees got water well in it, they need water or else they will dry up. For some exceptional stands, there is a secondary value in antique market. An important thing you need to concentrate on while buying a tree stand is its width, a broad and lightweight stand will hold up the tree in a better way than the short one. The stand must be not less than a third of the diameter of the tree.

The capacity of the tree stand must not be less than two liters. The Christmas tree need at least one liter of water a day. Also, make sure that there is no leakage before purchasing it. If you are placing the stand on an uncovered floor, find a model that got rubber feet so that it safe. It must have wide-headed bolts that can be turned effortlessly; the stand should have spikes to hold the base of the tree, which helps the tree to observe water in a simple way. Even if the price is little high, try to buy a tree stand, which is strong and will last forever. Stay away from attention-grabber stands that do things like playing music and rotating the whole tree, because once the mechanism wears- out it will be a huge waste of money.
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The Christmas tree stands were introduced for the first time in year 1876 and over the years, we have come across a variety of designs. The Christmas tree growers state that the secret for a long-lived tree is a lot of water. Therefore, be alert and awake while purchasing a Christmas tree stand; choose it by taking into account all the necessary features.