Office Christmas Party Games

Office Christmas Party GamesChristmas is the best and most remembered holiday season. Even though most companies give holidays during Christmas season, there is always a Christmas party in the office before the holidays. In most case, the Christmas celebration will be remembered until the next Christmas, as it will be the talk in office. Christmas celebration with family and friends and are mostly considered as memorable and unforgettable due to the good and happy moments. Similarly, it is the same when it comes to office Christmas party. There is no compromise on any enjoyment factor in the party. Like the other Christmas parties are celebrated with games, there are also office Christmas party games in office celebrations as well. There are plenty of games that can be played in the office making everyone happy.

One of the most popular Office Christmas party games is the Christmas Kiss. It is a simple and silly game. The total number of players is divided into two different teams. The person in the beginning of in the line should wear on gloves, runs to a candy bowl, and picks a Hershey chocolate kiss. The main catch is the person should unwrap the candy wearing the gloves and comes back to the team to feed the next player in the team. The process goes on until the last person unwrap a candy. The same game can be played using a present, where the player unwraps the present with the mittens on.
Office Christmas Party Games Office Christmas Party Games Office Christmas Party Games Office Christmas Party Games Office Christmas Party Games Office Christmas Party Games
The carol charades is another common game played in office Christmas party celebration. This is an interesting game where a person from the team is given a stack of cards to write the name of Christmas carols. Then another person from the team comes and acts the song for the remaining. The team has to identify the song and sing to win the round.