Planning a Christmas Party

Christmas Party PlanningChristmas Season brings along with it many a social event. Some people get involved in charity related work. Some get immersed in the Church activities. A Christmas Party is another one of such major events.

The partying is a part of the celebrations and elations related primarily to the birth of Jesus Christ into this world, and also the getting together of the family members who are dispersed across the country due to economic or academic reasons, at least for a short while. For the children of the family a party is a heaven sent opportunity to run about, be petted, play games with numerous cousins and friends and of course enjoy Christmassy goodies to their hearts content.

The partying could be again a way to relax and have fun after a hectic year’s work for the staff of an organization which generally arranges such events annually. Here too the corporate family concept may be an underlying factor. Christmas parties are also organized by Schools, Churches and Communities too.

An important thing to remember is that the planning of a Christmas Party for the children is very much different to planning a party for the adults. One common factor in all Christmas parties is that it is fun time for every one. Happy banter, songs, dances, games, competitions and delicious food and beverages are integral to keep the spirit of the season alive.

When planning a Christmas party things to remember about the grown ups are
• They like each others company and look forward to lengthy chats with each other
• Beverages helps the party along
• Good food including the Christmas Turkey and Yuletide favorites is very much welcome
• A lot of Seasonal favorite songs may be sung together to enliven the Christmas Spirit
• For fellowship a few competitions and games on Christmas themes would be much appreciated.
• A gift for each member of the party will help share the oneness of the gathering.

Some games that can be incorporated in a Christmas party for adults may be as follows

  • All guests or family member have to bring a Gift to the party which would be placed on a table kept for this purpose. Every one is given a chance to roll a dice and the first to throw a six gets to select a gift pack of his choice from the table (without checking of course!).This will continue till every one gets a gift. This game brings about a lot of fun.
  • Play songs on Christmas themes on a music player for approximately 5 seconds. Let the party members guess the full correct title. The first one who comes out with the correct answer wins that round.
  • Let each member tell three stories only one of which is true. Let the others guess it!
    On the other hand when entertaining the children it may be a good idea to select a theme (say for example animals, candy land etc.).Keep in mind, kids love to be fussed about and would enjoy being dressed up for what ever the theme is. There also can be themes like Christmas Lights. In a candy land theme it is possible to dress up the kids as Candies.

The decorations could be gifts of candy beautifully packed, wrapped and finally mounted on towers used for the purpose. Same pattern could be adopted for the animal theme as well where the gifts could be fruits of the decorative tree! The Christmas Light theme could use the decorations to build up the ambience of the party to interest the Child.

Party games are necessary to keep the interest of the kids focused. Based on the theme selected the games selected have to be adopted to make it more fun.

Some of the games ideas that could help you in this task may be

  • Gift Wrap Game-An interesting and simple game would be the Gift Wrap Game where the children are kept seated around. The gifts which are wrapped in several layers of decorative paper are passed around while Christmas music plays on. Until the music is on, the recipient of the gift must keep it and when the music stops only the Gift can be passed on to the next. The person in charge would interrupt the music at regular intervals and the child who has to remove the last wrapper gets the gift!
  • Christmas Star Search Game.-You can get each child to fold a Christmas Star. Collect all and take kids to a room where they would be kept for a short while probably enticing them with candy! Hide the stars suitably in the Living Room. Let the kids enter the living room again and search for their star!

Make no mistake! Keeping kids in one place and interested is a job of massive proportions. At least two persons will have to be on hand to tackle this reasonably well. Other wise their parent’s party fun would be over in minutes!
Christmas Party Planning Christmas Party Planning Christmas Party Planning Christmas Party Planning Christmas Party Planning Christmas Party Planning
At a Christmas party the food is an important part. Select your recopies in advance probably downloading from the Net. Keep it simple, tasty and inexpensive (unless you are in a spending mood).
The collective participation is important. Every one of the house getting involved in the preparations and entertaining would lift the spirit of the Christmas Party.
It should be fun for both the giver as well as the participants in the real spirit of Christmas.
Merry Christmas!